Alpha Varin Serum Ingredients


ALPHA VARIN™ Complex found in Tricomax Hair Growth Serum is an all-natural formula clinically proven to promote hair growth. When applied it quickly absorbs into the scalp providing a cool tingling sensation. The ALPHA VARIN Complex™ not only helps promote hair growth but strengthens and thickens existing hair giving it a fuller, silkier appearance in days. Clinical studies published in the International Journal of Trichology shows thicker looking hair in as little as 90 days (results vary) using the ALPHA VARIN™ Complex daily/nightly.

How ALPHA VARIN Complex™ works - Blocking the human body's CB1 receptors with ALPHA VARIN Complex™ results in (1) the stimulation of keratinocytes which results in hair shaft elongation and (2) stimulation of matrix cells which results in thickening of the hair shaft. ALPHA VARIN Complex™ also stimulates the TRPV1 receptor which lengthens the duration of time the hair shaft is in the telogen, or resting, phase of the growth cycle.

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Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract (Serenoa Repens)

Saw palmetto comes from the fruit of the saw palmetto plant known as Serenoa Repens. Based on research published in 2019 in the Archives of Dermatological Research, this all-natural herb is believed to work by inhibiting the activity of 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme involved in the conversion of the hormone testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a key contributor to androgenic alopecia.


Ethanol is naturally produced by the fermentation of sugars by yeasts. It has medical applications as an antiseptic and disinfectant. Its molecular structure allows for the dissolving of both polar, hydrophilic, and nonpolar, hydrophobic and organic compounds.


Menthol is an organic compound from peppermint oil. It increases blood flow to the scalp to help promote hair growth. Apart from its fresh fragrance, Menthol also has a cooling effect that calms scalp conditions like itching or dryness.


Dimethicone coats the cuticle of the hair. Improves detangling and making hair feel smoother/silkier. Gives a matte finish. Helps keep hair moisturized.

BEVARIN™ Complex (hemp extract)

Natural ALPHA VARIN™ hair products are powered by BEVARIN Wellness’™ proprietary ALPHA VARIN™ Complex and completely block the body’s CB1 receptors leading to incredibly thicker looking hair

Emu Oil Infused with He Shou Wu

Emu Oil is one of the highest food sources of Vitamin K2. Australian Aboriginals considered oil from the emu to be a sacred food and it was a vital part of “bush medicine” for thousands of years. Research studies with mice indicated that emu oil significantly reduced induced inflammation 42% to 71% depending on when it was applied. Boston University School of Medicine led by Professor Michael Hollick, M.D., Ph.D., found treating scalp with emu oil resulted in 20% increase in hair growth activity, compared to skin treated with corn oil.


Pulegone is a naturally occurring organic compound obtained from the essential oils of a variety of plants. It is has a cool, fresh scent similar to pennyroyal, peppermint and camphor. It is used in in perfumery, and in aromatherapy.

Organic Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is the essential oil taken from the flowering parts and leaves of the peppermint plant. It has a fresh, minty fragrance and has been used for several thousand years. Records from ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt mention that it was used for multiple health purposes conditions.