How It Works

Tricomax Formula is guaranteed to regrow strong, healthy and beautiful hair in 95% of all women, regardless of age.

Women experiencing hair loss for a variety of reasons: female pattern balding, thyroid issues, pregnancy and other hormonal changes or even chemotherapy. Overall, Tricomax Formula regrows, improves and thickens hair all over the scalp.

Visible results are apparent in just 6 months of treatment!

Women who are experiencing thinning of their hair will experience fuller, stronger hair in just 6 to 12 months. Once desired results are achieved, sustaining your hair requires minimal maintenance.

Safe & Easy to Apply

Tricomax Formula is as convenient as it is safe. It is the only treatment that can be used in this manner without causing irritation and even hair loss!

Tricomax Formula reduce the production of and effects of DHT, the hormone associated with 75% of cases of hair loss in men and women. Because Tricomax Formulas are topical, they are safe for women to use, unlike Propecia® and other oral supplements. Tricomax Formula is designed to suppress DHT, repair past damage and re-grow healthy new hair.

Furthermore, unlike other treatments on the market, Tricomax Formula does not cause facial hair growth or other side effects. The formula is designed to grow hair on the scalp and only the scalp.