83 Yrs. and Growing Hair!

Research Clinic finds Alpha Varin Complex, the active ingredient in Tricomax  Hair Serum, promotes hair growth - even among people of advanced age.

The CDC says Covid doesn't cause hair loss, but John Satino, Director of the Hair & Scalp Clinic in Clearwater FL, has seen many such cases and is successfully helping men and women to regrow their hair - even if they are in their 80s!

In one case, an 83yr old female who had lost a major  amount of her hair after contracting Covid in 2021 was started on a program that included a combination of Alpha Varin Complex,  low-level laser therapy, and an anti- bacterial shampoo. As can be seen below, the results were remarkable.

After six months the patient was so delighted, she began to dye her hair again - Figure 3.

Figure 1

Figure 1:  Start. Scalp tattoo, hair count - 8


Figure 2

Figure 2: Three months later,  hair count - 36


Figure 3

Figure 3: At six months, hair count - 64


All-natural ALPHA VARIN Complex™ is a potent hemp extract that, combined with other proprietary ingredients, helps reduce inflammation, bring damaged hair back to health and promote hair growth. It is the active ingredient in the newly introduced Hair Serum for curly hair from TRICOMAX Inc.

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