July 01, 2021


By Alimpan Roy

Most clients that visit a hairloss specialist are usually women however men are also candidates that have recently been seen more often with hair loss consultations these days .

Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition. It’s also a condition caused by a hormone named Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT comes from testosterone. An enzyme in our skin called 5 Alpha Reductase does this conversion from Testosterone to DHT. Unfortunately DHT attaches itself to the receptor sites in the hair follicles and causes them to shrink over time. This eventually leads the hair to become thinner and thinner in a process called The Thinning Process.

From my experience, I have noticed most of my male patients come in with three sort of common complaints about their hair loss issues:

  • 1 – notice receding hair or receding hairline
  • 2 – other people inform them that they are loosing their hair increasing their awareness
  • 3 – excessive hair on their pillow, the shower bed or on their hands as they apply styling agents to their hair .

From my experience, I usually identify male pattern hairloss by the hair loss being visible only on the top area of the scalp and not on the sides nor the occipital area. It’s either a receding hairline or thinning on the crownal area or a general thinning affecting all over the top area of the scalp.

Female pattern hairloss, is also a hereditary condition affecting the top area of the scalp while the temporal and occipital areas of the scalp remain unaffected From my experience, I get hairloss complaints such as excessive hair shedding and the scalp skin becomes more visible to the person. Other complaints could also be a receding hairline especially around the temples.

Other common females hairloss conditions such as Telogen Effluvium . These are usually temporary whilst others could be persistent (Chronic Telogen Effevium) due to a hormonal imbalance , thyroid problems, anemia, side effects of some medications like chemotherapy or some mineral defficiency.

From my experience the hairloss complaints I received on this condition are usually

  • After a stressful event
  • Childbirth
  • Starting or stopping some certain oral contraceptives
  • Cessation of pregnancy
  • Diet pills or certain medications.

Other female hairloss conditions could be Traction Alopecia which is caused by placing constant tension on the hair shaft. For example hair extensions, braids or pony tails

Other hair loss conditions could be Cicatricial Alopecia . In some cases they are autoimmune other cases could be triggered by a physical trauma,burns, stress or radiation

In very rare cases from my experience I came across one patient who suffers Trichotillomania which is a condition where sufferers pull their own hair out. In such cases, the patient sometimes never admits that he/she is the one who pulls their own hair out. It’s usually discovered by visualizing the hair shaft with the derma camera. We can then see the hair being as if newly cut like in a hairdresser. This is where we know the sufferer is a Trichotillomania candidate or not.

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